Sleep Medicine Pearls for Outpatient Doctors

Want to help your patients sleep better but could use some expert guidance? You're not alone. Doctors only get an average of 2 hours of sleep medicine education. Grab this free course to learn what they didn't teach you in that you can know exactly what to do to help your patients sleep well and feel like a sleep medicine whiz. 

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4 Days: 4 Practice-Changing Sleep Lessons.

Lesson 1

Practical Sleep Medicine

Learn how to spot the sleep disorders commonly missed in outpatient practice.

Lesson 2

The Problem with Sleeping Pills

Learn when and how to safely taper benzodiazepines & hypnotics.

Lesson 3

Screening Tools

Master three screening tools to use in clinical practice...and learn how to interpret them correctly.

Lesson 4

The R.E.S.T. Framework

Learn the R.E.S.T. Framework to help your patients optimize their sleep quality...and save you time in clinic.


I'm Nishi Bhopal M.D.

I'm a Board-Certified Psychiatrist and Harvard-trained Sleep Medicine physician and have an outpatient practice in the San Francisco Bay Area. Over the years, I've helped countless patients reduce their reliance on sleep aids and optimize their energy levels using an integrative approach...and have been offering clinical consultations to my colleagues.

I know firsthand the many challenges we face in outpatient practice and I love sharing what I've learned with other physicians. So, I've put some of my best high-yield tips into this mini-course so that you can help your patients sleep better...and take the guesswork out of sleep medicine.

Wishing you - and your patients - utmost success!

"It was awesome! Succinct concise high yield. Thank you!"

 - Psychiatrist, New Orleans

"It was all helpful - beautifully put together and delivered. The REST framework very helpful, thank you!"

- Family Medicine Physician, California

"It gives clear and simple tips and a framework for evaluating and managing insomnia- very valuable indeed!"

- Psychiatrist, Australia

Learn what they didn't teach you in residency

Join me for simple, high yield strategies that will change how you practice. You’ll learn how to properly evaluate your patients' sleep issues and guide them on a clear path to better sleep and better health. Sign up today to uplevel your sleep medicine skills.

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