Become a sleep medicine expert.

A clinical toolkit for PCPs, Psychiatrists, Sleep Doctors, and Psychotherapists to evaluate & manage adult sleep issues in outpatient practice.


Tired of seeing patients with sleep issues who seem to never improve, no matter what you try?  You're not alone. We barely get any training in sleep, but ALL of our patients need to sleep.

This leads to: Frustrated patients & burned out doctors, polypharmacy, misdiagnoses, treatments that don’t work or are unsafe, and an increased burden of chronic disease                                          

Gain the tools, knowledge, and confidence to support your patients with the foundation of health - restorative sleep. 

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PCPs, Psychiatrists, Sleep Doctors, Psychotherapists, & Sleep Coaches

The Clinical Sleep Kit is for you if you’re an outpatient clinician seeing adult patients.

You know how important sleep is for physical and mental health, but have limited time during visits. You wish there were a better way to support your patients with sleep…without having to refer them out or do a sleep medicine fellowship.

You want practical information that is actually useful in the clinical setting, not theoretical knowledge that isn't going to help your patients. 

This is high-yield, no fluff. Use the materials right away. 

Save time. This is a one-stop resource for clinical sleep information so that you don't have to sort through multiple websites to find the resources you need.

Grow your practice by fine tuning your sleep medicine knowledge and responding to patients’ desire for optimal sleep and integrative treatment approaches.

If you are a: 
  • Primary Care Physician or Psychiatrist who knows that sleep is the foundation of health and want to offer your patients more than just a prescription for pills or a referral for CBT-i that they'll never follow through with...but need practical strategies to help your patients make changes and achieve lasting improvements with their sleep. 
  • Psychotherapist who wants to learn how to correctly assess and guide your clients with sleep, provide them with useful resources, and help them navigate conversations about the medical side of sleep with their physicians.
  • Sleep Medicine Physician who would love a ready-to-use bank of information and resources to use in sleep clinic, and wants to go deeper into what they didn’t teach us in sleep fellowship, including evidence-based integrative medicine approaches.
  • Medical Resident who’s interested in sleep and wants to level up your sleep medicine knowledge while accessing practical resources to use with your patients now and after residency.

Step up your knowledge while accessing practical tools 

Sleep medicine is about much more than insomnia and sleep apnea! This is the only resource of its kind that offers a comprehensive toolkit for sleep medicine that includes evidence-based integrative and functional medicine approaches...designed by a board certified sleep medicine physician (who's also an integrative psychiatrist).  


Funke Afolabi-Brown, MD

Founder of RestfulSleep MD

The Clinical sleep kit program has been a true game-changer for my practice. As a sleep physician striving to improve the quality of care I provide to my patients, this program has provided the community and tools I need to stay at the cutting edge of sleep care. I highly recommend this for any practitioners looking to incorporate sleep as part of their routine practice or learn more about practical and evidence-based strategies in addressing sleep issues.

Tracy Hannigan, Sleep Coach

Founder, Tracy The Sleep Coach

I absolutely love being a member of the Clinical Sleep Kit. Even though I can't always attend the live sessions due to time differences, when I do, they are very engaging, informative, and the atmosphere is very friendly. The replays are quickly made available, and I always learn so much from them that I can apply in my own practice as a therapist. I'm not a clinician or a prescriber however the knowledge I gain is incredibly valuable in assisting my clients/patients to discuss their sleep health with their personal physicians and advocate for the support and treatment they need. And - it's a nice bunch of like minded people!

Sarah Silverman, PsyD

Founder, Dr. Sarah Sleep

The Clinical Sleep Kit is the best place to learn about clinical sleep medicine, a highly sought-after and in-demand skill set. Dr. Nishi is one of the leading sleep experts in the country, which means you're in the best hands. Dr. Nishi makes learning about sleep easy and fun, plus she has created a very streamlined process for incorporating sleep assessment and interventions into your practice. The Clinical Sleep Kit is your one-stop-shop for all of your clinical sleep needs - I highly recommend this program and Dr. Nishi as your expert guide!

Valerie Cacho, MD

Founder, SleepLifeMed and Sleephoria

Sleep medicine is a vast field. Even after practicing for 10 years I am still learning more and more. I love being part of Dr. Nishi's Clinical Sleep Kit community. Her monthly expert Q&As have been so valuable as I have been able to pick her brain and other sleep experts on challenging cases I have in my own practice. Another aspect of the program I enjoy is her patient handout for things like supplements and best melatonin brands. It's so organized and easy to understand! 

Dr. Nishi has the most incredible online program in sleep medicine. If you have any interest in learning more about sleep medicine, sign up today! You'll be so glad you did. I definitely am!

Josh Habansky, PMHNP

Integrative and Functional Medicine trained Psych NP

Dr. Nishi Bhopal's Clinical Sleep Kit is an absolute game-changer for non-sleep medicine providers like myself. The evidence-based approach, coupled with its clear and clinically applicable information, made an immediate impact on my ability to assist patients in improving their sleep. The expert speakers featured in the program bring a wealth of knowledge to the table, enriching the learning experience. The patient handouts provided are ready-to-go and so helpful for relaying practical but high yield information. Dr. Bhopal's dedication to providing accessible, actionable insights has undoubtedly elevated the quality of care I can offer to my patients struggling with sleep issues. I highly recommend the Clinical Sleep Kit to any health care provider dealing with patients, as the importance of sleep cuts across all specialities.

Irina Macare, Sleep Coach

Founder, Irina Macare Sleep Coach

The Sleep Kit Program is a game-changer for sleep professionals like me. The community aspect is invaluable, offering a space to address specific client challenges. Dr. Nishi's monthly sessions with expert guests provide deep insights into various sleep topics, and the provided materials enhance my practice. It's more than a community; it's a dynamic resource that elevates our expertise. Highly recommended!

LaShire Diegue, MD

Owner, Lifestyle Psychiatry and Wellness

As a psychiatrist, sleep is a common concern of my patients. The Clinical Sleep Kit has made me feel more confident in assisting patients with their sleep concerns without the side effects of medication. The mini-trainings and monthly Q&A sessions are really helpful in solidifying the information and having the app is a resource to refer to as well as to give handouts to patients.

Renee Drolet, MD

Owner, Drolet Psychiatry

The Clinical Sleep Kit has given me the confidence to address just about every sleep concern that arises in my private practice. The flexibility of having all the material in one location allows me to customize my education on sleep medicine, and learn in real time as issues come up in my practice. With Dr. Bhopal's Clinical Sleep Kit, I have so many more tools now beyond trazodone and melatonin. Since enrolling in this program, I have a more systematic and holistic approach to working up and treating sleep concerns. The learning is dynamic, with live Q&A sessions with sleep experts, and having options to earn CE credits is a wonderful bonus. Highly recommend, 5/5 stars.

Get in at an introductory rate

Get in on the ground floor! This program is in the early stages and growing. Early members can join the program at a deep discount and provide feedback. This program is designed to support YOU in your clinical practice...take advantage of the deeply discounted rate before doors close. This is the type of program I wish I had after completing my fellowship. 


By using this toolkit, you will…

  • Understand how to workup any patient who has difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep, or excessive daytime sleepiness...and create a better treatment plan to help them get lasting results.
  • Have more effective conversations with patients about sleeping pills, cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia, how sleep works, and more.
  • Learn frameworks for treating sleep issues in a systematic way when sleep hygiene recommendations or other conventional methods don’t work. 
  • Access guest expert consultations with sleep specialists with different areas of expertise, including women’s sleep health, sleep apnea, pediatrics, neurology, and more.
  • Get live trainings and Q&As with a Harvard-trained, board certified sleep physician.
  • Access a growing bank of vetted resources, handouts, referrals, and recommendations to share with your patients.
  • Join a community of like-minded clinicians who are on a mission to better serve their patients.

The right approach can make all the difference. We’ll cover it in The Clinical Sleep Kit.


The Clinical Sleep Kit

Get practical information while saving time.

This kit will give you the information and resources you need to help your patients with sleep, including:

  • Downloadable patient handouts
  • Clinical pearls and training from expert guests 
  • Written materials presented in an easy to read format
  • High-yield information you can use everyday in clinical practice 
  • Access to an exclusive membership site with all the resources at your fingertips
  • Information that is continually updated when new data comes out

What's Included In The Kit...


Mini-trainings from expert guests on topics ranging from women's sleep health, helping your patients adjust to CPAP, mindfulness, interpreting sleep studies, lifestyle medicine for sleep, circadian rhythm management, and more.

✓ Upgrade your sleep medicine knowledge and provide more effective treatments to your patients.

✓ Trainings are available in video, audio, and written format, so you can use whichever format suits your learning style. 

👉 Examples of past topics include: Best Practices for Prescribing Melatonin, Introduction to Bright Light Therapy, CBT-i Crash Course, Intro to Sleep Efficiency & Sleep Restriction, Managing Sleep Issues During Perimenopause, Sleep in Infants and Children, Mindfulness Practices for Sleep, etc.


Printable & Customizable Handouts and Protocols

Clinical materials for healthcare professionals, following the "5T" Success Path: Talk, Test, Treat, Track, and Tune Up

👉 Examples of materials include: Differential Diagnoses of Common Sleep Issues, Rating Scales Kit, History Taking Templates, Medication and Supplement Protocols, 3rd Party Tested Melatonin Supplement Guide, etc.

✓ You'll also get a suite of downloadable sleep handouts to share with your patients, including CBT-i worksheets, Behavioral Sleep Prescription
Dealing with nighttime awakenings, Dealing with trouble falling asleep, Bedtime “menu” with list of calming practices (breathing, stretching, etc)
Scheduled Worry Time Journal with prompts, and more

Consider this your your one-stop-shop.


An interactive community to share knowledge, ask questions, and connect with like-minded healthcare professionals who share our mission to better serve our patients through the power of restorative sleep...

✓ Don't worry about having to join another Facebook group...the community is embedded within the membership portal.

Live Q&A and Case Discussions

Live Q&A and case discussions every month to deepen your sleep medicine knowledge — to ask questions, discuss cases, get better and faster results with your patients, explore clinical tools and resources, and grow your practice by helping more patients with sleep. 


I'm Nishi Bhopal MD

ABPN Board Certified in Psychiatry & Sleep Medicine

Certified Integrative Psychiatry Provider

After completing my sleep medicine fellowship at Harvard, I felt there was still so much more to learn about clinical sleep medicine that I hadn't been taught. With over a decade of experience practicing outpatient psychiatry and sleep medicine, I've found better ways to help my patients with sleep, whether they're struggling with insomnia, hypersomnia, or issues in between.

Sleep is the foundation of health. Patients who don't experience restorative sleep have a lower quality of life and higher burden of chronic disease, including mental health and medical issues. Since there's a global shortage of sleep specialists, I believe that every clinician needs to know how to treat sleep issues effectively. 

In this toolkit, I've put together over a decade of experience in sleep medicine and integrative medicine to help you improve your clinical skills and help your patients achieve better sleep and overall wellness.

Here's to your sleep education!


The Clinical Sleep Kit

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  • Practical tips in an easy to understand format
  • A bank of handouts and protocols for your practice
  • CMEs
  • Case discussions with sleep experts
  • Self-paced trainings and tutorials
  • A community of like-minded clinicians 

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