5 Sleep Supplements Every Doctor Needs To Know


Live classes will take place on: Feb 13, Feb 14, and Feb 21

Choose the date that works best for you. The class is 60-minutes in duration. A recording will be available afterward.

Supplements aren’t a solution for sleep disorders, but they are a very useful tool to have in your clinical toolbox. 

In some cases, they can be transformative for sleep. I’ve seen that in my own outpatient practice

Nearly 1 in 10 adults in the USA take supplements for sleep, but we as physicians and health professionals don’t get much training on how to use them effectively. 

I often see questions in physician Facebook groups about melatonin, magnesium, and other supplements for sleep, so I’ve put together this training to answer some of those questions. 

In This Masterclass You'll Learn:



Learn when to use sleep supplements with your patients and pitfalls to look out for


How to choose a good quality brand

Get specific examples of different supplement brands so that you can help your patients navigate the variety of products on the market


Real-life examples

Of patients who have benefitted from sleep supplements when nothing else seemed to work


How to Enhance Your Clinical Practice

And the resources to understand the safe, evidence-based use of sleep supplements in your practice

"64% of Americans use some type of substance occasionally or on a regular basis to help them fall asleep or stay asleep."

American Academy of Sleep Medicine, Sleep Prioritization Survey 2022

Most physicians don't get any training on supplements, but our patients are using them.

Whether you're already an expert at prescribing supplements, or you're just getting started, you know that more patients than ever are taking OTC supplements. On top of that, the sleep supplement industry is booming. 


However, we physicians and healthcare professionals aren't taught how to use sleep supplements safely and effectively with patients, or even how to have informed discussions about them.


Join me in this masterclass to get updated on 5 sleep supplements to successfully support your patients with optimal sleep and enhance your clinical practice.


This Masterclass is a Must Attend if:


✓ You're a physician, therapist, or other healthcare practitioner who ever sees patients with sleep issues 


✓ You're frustrated by the lack of options for helping patients with sleep and would love to know what else you can do


✓ You're ready to grow your private practice by responding to patients seeking more holistic treatment options

A Personal invitation from Dr. Nishi...

If we haven't already met, I'm Nishi Bhopal MD
ABPN Board Certified in Psychiatry & Sleep Medicine


After completing my sleep medicine fellowship at Harvard, I felt there was still so much more to learn about clinical sleep medicine that I hadn't been taught. With over a decade of experience practicing outpatient psychiatry and sleep medicine through an integrative medicine lens, I've found effective ways to help my patients with sleep, whether they're struggling with insomnia, hypersomnia, or issues in between.

Sleep is the foundation of health. Patients who don't experience restorative sleep have a lower quality of life and higher burden of chronic disease, including mental health and medical issues. Since there's a global shortage of sleep specialists, I believe that every clinician needs to know how to treat sleep issues effectively. 

In this live masterclass, I'm sharing high yield tips on 5 supplements to expand your clinical toolbox and help your patients achieve better sleep and overall wellness.

Here's to your sleep education!

Simply choose the time that works best for you...and I'll see you on Zoom. :) 

Dr. Nishi